At a Florida rally on Feb. 18, President Trump listed a number of international locations which have taken in giant numbers of refugees and have additionally been just lately struck by terror assaults. "Have a look at what is going on final evening in Sweden," Trump stated, "They took in giant numbers. They're having issues like they by no means thought potential." Sweden doesn't know what Trump is speaking about. (Reuters)

In case you imagine the media in Sweden, Friday evening was comparatively uneventful. Amongst probably the most noteworthy headlines within the nation had been reviews common Swedish singer had technical problems throughout a music competitors.

However in case you listened to President Trump on Saturday, it appeared as if one thing occurred Friday evening in Sweden that deserved the eye of the world. Nonetheless, no person knew what that is perhaps, least of all of the Swedes.

Throughout a rally Saturday in Florida, Trump referred to a number of international locations which have taken in a disproportionate variety of refugees and which have just lately been the goal of assaults. “We’ve bought to maintain our nation secure. You take a look at what’s occurring in Germany. You take a look at what’s occurring final evening in Sweden. Sweden, who would imagine this?” Trump went on to check with Paris, Good, France, and Brussels, European cities the place assaults have occurred up to now two years.

President Trump returned to Melbourne, Fla., for a campaign-style rally on Feb. 18. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

A spokeswoman for the Swedish Overseas Ministry informed the Associated Press on Sunday that authorities weren't conscious of any “terror-linked main incidents” that occurred Friday evening in Sweden. In accordance with the spokeswoman, the Swedish Embassy in Washington has requested the State Division to make clear Trump's remarks.

Trump himself later tried to make clear the remarks, tweeting: “My assertion as to what's taking place in Sweden was in reference to a narrative that was broadcast on @FoxNews regarding immigrants & Sweden.”



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